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ekspresmenu.com We are moving your menus to digital. You will be able to increase the customer experience and provide up-to-date and hygienic service. Multiple language options, notification system, customer survey and pdf & visual & You can create a custom menu with detailed menu creation options.

Menu Creation Stages

Create your contactless menu now, protect yourself, your employees and your customers against viruses.

  • Take Photo
  • Load Menu
  • Generate QR Code

Frequently Asked Questions About Express Menu

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What is Express Menu?

Express Menu is a system that allows you to create a digital menu. Thanks to the QR code, it allows your customers to scan your QR code and access your company's QR menu in a contactless way.

How to use the Express Menu?

Ekspres Menu offers a system where your QR code menu will start working when your customers scan the QR code from their device. Special menus begin to appear in front of your customers digitally and your customer can create an order by examining the menu from here.

What are the advantages of using Express Menu in restaurants?

A more hygienic ordering environment is offered to your customers. It allows you to have a system that shows that your company has a more corporate structure and that your customers will like. With multiple language options, it makes it possible for your customers to review your menu in the language they want. With its instant notification feature, it helps your company to stay in mind all the time. With the customer survey feature, it allows you to easily learn the opinions of your customers about your products and your company.

How to create Express Menu?

You can contact the Dijital Uzmani Advertising Agency to create your contactless menu immediately. You can easily create your Express Menu in three steps. 1) Take a photo of your products. 2) Load your menu. 3) Generate QR code.

Where is the Express Menu used?

It is a system that can be used in restaurants, cafes and all businesses with a menu system.

What is QR Code Menu?

The QR code menu is a modern digital menu system that can be used in all businesses with a menu system and offers access to more than one menu in more than one language. It works by having customers scan your QR code with their device.

What is QR Code?

It is a barcode system that transfers the information contained in the QR code to the other party after it is scanned. The QR code system, which is widely used today, offers a very innovative, easy and practical operation. QR code is very useful in sales areas and promotion points and has received very positive feedback.

How to generate QR Code?

You can generate QR code in five steps. 1) Open one of the QR code generator sites. 2) Paste the link where you want to generate the QR code in the URL section. 3) At this stage, the system will have determined a QR code for you. 4) You can determine the design of your QR code according to the shape you want. 5) Your QR code is now ready. You can save and share as you wish.

Our Differences from Competitors

Create any type of menu you want.

You can upload your pdf and create your menu. You can upload your images and create your menu. You can create your menu by entering your categories and product details.

Flexible Theme and Multiple Language Options

We have set up our infrastructure so that you can customize the theme appearance according to your wishes. In the first phase, we provided Turkish, English and Arabic language support. If you request another language, we add it to the system free of charge.

Notification System

Remind customers of yourself. By sending detailed notifications to your customers entering your menu, Instagram etc. You can direct your posts on external platforms and increase interaction.

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