Create Stories for Your Website.

Stories make it easier for marketers to engage with visitors, humanize their brands, create new customer expectations and generate more revenue.

  • Reduce bounce rate from your site.
  • Highlight your featured service.
  • Promote your campaigns.
  • Integrate quickly and easily.
  • View your statistics in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storywix

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What is Storywix?

Storywix is ​​a project of Bigoen company. It provides e-commerce businesses with the opportunity to promote their campaigns and highlight their products in accordance with various trends.

Does Storywix require payment?

Storywix offers free usage up to 10,000 views. Once your engagement increases and you start getting more views, you must purchase packages to continue using Storywix. You do not need to pay any additional fees.

How can I buy Storywix?

You can choose the package that suits you from 4 different packages according to the number of 100 thousand, 250 thousand, 1 million and 5 million views. After determining your package, you can pay with all credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Troy and AMEX.

What are the benefits of Storywix?

The stories you add will be the first thing that draws attention. For this reason, you can add your product, service or campaign to your site as a story. This way, your campaigns and products will get more engagement. With Storywix, you will make your pages more meaningful and allow visitors to spend more time on your page.

In which content management systems can I use Storywix?

You can use it in various content management systems such as Wordpress, Woo, Wix, Opencart, Mgento, Ticimax, Ideasoft, Bigcommerce.

In which languages ​​can I use Storywix?

Storywix offers the opportunity to draw lots in 10 different languages, including Turkish, English, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, German and Indonesian.

Can I cancel Storywix?

You buy Storywix as a package. There is no commitment fee. If you purchased the packages monthly, you can cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

Can I access the details of the stories I created using Storywix?

Storywix will provide you with detailed reporting at no additional charge. In this way, you can easily review your statistics.

Free Up to 10,000 Views

By allowing you to make each page of your site more meaningful than the previous one, you can keep visitors on your site and achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customizable Structure
  • Platform Selection

Our Differences from Competitors

Free up to 10,000 views

By allowing you to make each page of your website more meaningful than the previous one, you can keep visitors on your website and achieve higher conversion rates.

Bigoen was selected as Best Digital Marketing Brand at the 2022 Shining Stars Awards.
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