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Advertise on Linkedin, the social media platform where users share their professional lives with LinkedIn ads. Show posts to users on the homepage or have them see ads in their inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn Ads

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What are LinkedIn ads?

Providing a very professional operation when it comes to career research and networking, as well as quality connection and communication opportunities for staff and employers, LinkedIn's possibilities do not end with ensuring that people in the business world stay in close interaction. LinkedIn also helps you gain a great advantage in appealing to a target audience with a professional business identity, thanks to the option to advertise within.

How to advertise on LinkedIn?

First of all, an ad account should be created by visiting Afterwards, you can click on the 'create a campaign' text to broadcast advertisements. Specifying many details such as job field or title, years of experience, location and work areas will determine the target audience of the advertisement. During the process, the advertiser should determine the type of advertisement in a planned manner in line with its objectives, and choose the most appropriate choice among different advertising strategies and models to meet their expectations. After the target audience is determined and the budget limits are drawn successfully, the creative is prepared.

What are LinkedIn ad models?

LinkedIn Text Ads, Sponsored LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored LinkedIn Mails, Dynamic Ads, Display Ads.

Why are LinkedIn ad packages needed?

LinkedIn ads, which are an unrivaled opportunity for those targeting professional institutions, organizations and individuals in business life, are especially important for those interested in B2B Marketing. Under the leadership of LinkedIn advertising and the right strategies, brand awareness, recognition and prestige can be maximized.

How to create a sponsored ad on LinkedIn?

First, a new LinkedIn campaign must be created. Immediately after, the necessary filters should be performed to define the target audience. In the third stage, the 'sponsored advertisement' model should be selected among the types of advertisements. In the last step, a sponsored advertisement is created by determining the budget and plan and the process is completed.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost?

Prices in LinkedIn advertising vary in three different categories: cost per impression, per post, and cost per click. The minimum pricing requirement for the cost-per-click (CPC) option is $2. In cost-per-impression (CPI), the advertiser is charged for every 1,000 impressions. A minimum of $2 USD is required for this option. Finally, in the cost per send (CPS) model, your advertisement and information published on LinkedIn appear directly in the inboxes of your potential customers in your target audience, and each message is charged an average of $ 0.80.

Make a Difference with Linkedin Advertising Models!

Would you like to show ads at the top of company profile pages on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, text ads appear in the feed, at the top and side of company profile pages. Generally, there are 4 ads per page. It is a text-only ad type. Your target audience can see and interact with your ad while checking its homepage.

Would you like to reach LinkedIn users by e-mail with Sponsored Inmail?

Linkedin sponsored InMail allows advertisers to reach LinkedIn users via e-mail. With this application, we can pinpoint the target audience you want to reach. Emails sent with LinkedIn sponsored InMail studies do not become spam in the mailbox of the target audience.

Do you know that you can promote your different services at the same time?

LinkedIn Carousels are used to promote different services at the same time. Carousels embody your stories and encourage your audience to join your brand on both desktop and mobile devices.

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