Founded by 3 engineer friends sharing their experiences, in 2018, Bigoen always aimed for the best. When you put all the names and titles aside, everyone and ever company will be known for what they did. Then, let's take a look at what Bigoen has done since 2018!

Bringing the most up-to-date information and the most accurate transaction to its customers, Bigoen Team was awarded with the Google Partners Awards. Thank you Google, for these beautiful gifts.

Bigoen Who Are We?
Bigoen Who Are We?
Bigoen Who Are We?

Google Partner Badge

Thanks to the quality of the services we provide, sustainability and the growth momentum of our customers' earnings, Bigoen has been awarded the Google Partner badge. You can verify it by clicking on the logo on the side.

Google Partner
Bigoen Google Certificates

Certified Technical Team

All our team members have successfully passed Google's online exams and have the ability to manage accounts completely and perfectly with their upper-level technical competence. You can see our sample certificates by clicking ​here.

Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Like the whole world, we follow the developments in Artificial Intelligence with a great excitement. Our colleagues working in the field of Artificial Intelligence continue to develop various tools and systems related to platforms that use artificial intelligence very effectively, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence Engineers
Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training for 500+ Companies

In addition to the services it provides, Bigoen also supports companies trying to adapt to digital platforms, with free trainings. We have provided trainings to more than 500 companies till now, and we continue to the process with sharing information through regular intervals.

Services Export

Bigoen is proud of being an international company by exporting services to the whole world starting with Europe, especially Germany and Italy, in addition to serving Turkey.

Service Export
Happy Customers

2400+ Happy Customers

Bigoen, which takes the utmost care to working with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, continues to achieve great success with more than 2400 happy customers.

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