Make Free Instagram Sweepstakes with Rafflemix Sweepstakes Tool you can easily collect the comments under the raffle post on Instagram and choose a random user from the comments. You can safely and transparently draw free of charge.

  • Possibility to use anytime without expiration date
  • Mobile compatible raffle page suitable for screen recording
  • Possibility to save and share the results of the draw
  • Unlimited repetitions with the same post for 365 days
  • Automatic follower control
  • Set animation duration

The Lottery Stages

Set the rules for the raffle, enter your post, start the draw, and share the winners easily in stories or as a post. Moreover, you can try it with the free package.

  • Collect Comments
  • Start Draw
  • Determine the winner

Up to 250 Comments Free to Draw.

Set the rules for the raffle, enter your post, start the draw, and share the winners easily in stories or as a post. Moreover, you can try it with the free package. Make a free draw, save your draw, you do not need to enter the information again next time!

Safe and transparent Instagram without entering a password Make the draw

With Rafflemix, you do not need to login with a password. Just enter the link of the post! Rafflemix is ​​therefore very safe. Instagram raffle site Rafflemix'i Over 632 000 Users from 100 Countries 5 000 000' Used More Than 39 Times!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rafflemix

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What is Rafflemix?

Rafflemix is ​​an Instagram raffle tool that allows you to give fair draws.

How do I make an Instagram giveaway using Rafflemix?

To make an Instagram raffle on Rafflemix, you must first set your rules. Then you can start your raffle by entering the link of the post you prepared. Rafflemix will determine your result using various algorithms.

Does Rafflemix require payment?

You can use Rafflemix for free up to 100 comments. For your posts below 100 comments, you can easily draw by entering your Instagram post link on the Instagram raffle button on Rafflemix's website.

Can I trust the result of Rafflemix?

Rafflemix filters the people who comment during the draw according to your criteria. It makes a fair selection from the remaining comments with random artificial intelligence algorithms. No one, including the administrators of the site, can interfere with the draws. Many users who want the raffles to be reliable and transparent prefer Rafflemix.

Can I check followers using Rafflemix?

Automatic follower control feature is active in all packages of Rafflemix. Using this feature, you can check whether people in your comments are your followers.

Which package should I buy on Rafflemix?

Rafflemix has a variety of options from 1000 comments to 5 million comments. After choosing your package and determining the number of comments suitable for your sharing, you can choose a package according to your post count. You can pay with all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Troy and AMEX.

How can I find out the expiry date of Rafflemix?

Rafflemix has no expiration date. You can receive packages by the number of your posts and use them whenever you want.

In which languages ​​can I use Rafflemix?

Rafflemix offers the opportunity to draw lots in 10 different languages, including Turkish, English, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, German and Indonesian.

Does Rafflemix ask for my Instagram password?

You don't need your Instagram password to make a raffle on Rafflemix. It will be enough to share the link of the post you will raffle. In this way, you can perform a reliable draw.

How can I share my raffle I did using Rafflemix?

You can announce the results of the draws you have made using Rafflemix to your followers by screen recording or by sharing the result link.

Our Differences from Competitors

Is the lottery tool safe?

Comments are collected through our site. The comments are filtered according to the criteria you set and make their selections with the random algorithm. Nobody, including site administrators, can interfere with this process. Some comment picker sites only pull the latest comments and choose the winners from those comments. We take all the comments we can get over the api and choose the winners among them.

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Make a free draw, save your draw, you don't need to enter the information again next time!

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