Bigoen's Software Projects: Analyzemix
Bigoen's Software Projects: Analyzemix
04 April 2023
Zeynep Aksoy

Bigoen's Software Projects: Analyzemix

We already talked about and will continue to mention various examples of our software products that will increase the visibility and success of your business in the digital world. But today, we would like to emphasize our versatility once again by going through a different example.


Did you know that Bigoen develops end-user applications too? Analyzemix is undoubtedly one of our intriguing products regarding our work on this subject.


Its target audience is mostly young people, and it will enable you to access many important information and data about your Instagram account. 

When you download the application and log in, you’ll first see the "My Profile" section. On this page, you can access basic information, which is a summary of your Instagram account. You can easily see your total number of posts and videos, the average number of likes per post and video, accounts that do not follow you back and that you do not follow back.


When you click on the menu sign on the upper left, other options will welcome you. For example, in the "My Secret Fans" area, you can access the list of people who are most likely to have viewed your profile, based on your account's recent activity.


And if you visit the “Did She/He Block Me?” part, you can access this information by typing the username of the person you want to confirm whether they have blocked you or not.


The “Who Are My Followers?” feature analyzes your last twenty posts and allows you to see all the accounts that liked your posts the most and least, and commented the most and least on your posts. 

When we come to the "My Post Statistic" section, you will be able to review your most liked, most commented and most watched posts in a list by taking your last twenty posts as a reference.

And in the "My Stories" area, you can see all your stories and their viewing information, and you can watch the stories of all the accounts you follow in incognito mode.

Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, Analyzemix offers you many options with its easy-to-use and functional interface. In addition, Analyzemix, which saves you from endless advertisements, is in a structure that will please everyone in terms of user experience. If you don’t want to buy a membership, you can share the reference code that will be defined for you. And if the people you shared your reference code with join us, you can earn a free premium membership!


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