Bigoen's Software Projects: Ekspres Menu
Bigoen's Software Projects: Ekspres Menu
21 March 2023
Zeynep Aksoy

Bigoen's Software Projects: Ekspres Menu

Today we are moving to a new page in the success stories of our software team: Ekspres Menu.

Regardless of your business sector, we are sure that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to add a world-class quality to your brand image. That's why we've developed the Ekspres Menu so you can best adapt to digital transformation.

Ekspres Menu works with the QR code system and provides businesses with a digital menu infrastructure. You can quickly create your menus on this platform, which works with a very useful management panel and interface. Your customers can view each one of your digital menus easily.

The days when paper menus hindered your business should be a thing of the past. With the Ekspres Menu, you can update your lists and prices whenever you want, without wasting time and money.

Ekspres Menu’s theme feature is very flexible. In this way, you can customize the theme look specific to your brand, as you wish.

In addition, let’s not forget that we have a completely user and mobile friendly design. Our product, which enables you to provide an up-to-date, modern, practical and hygienic service, will also help you maximize the customer experience.

Also, just like in our other software projects, we’ve made the Ekspres Menu available in multiple languages. As of now, we provide Turkish, English, Arabic and German language support, and if you request another one, we include it in our system free of charge.

So, apart from all these features and unlike its competitors, what other superior qualities await you in the Ekspres Menu?

You may be running a restaurant. Or a cafe. You may even own a beauty salon or hotel. Don’t limit your mind only to the food and beverage industry. Ekspres Menu has a very wide usage area.

With this platform, you can advertise rooms and venues for your hotel, provide user guide support to your customers who shop through your e-commerce web site or create price lists for services you offer in your beauty salon.

You will also encounter different options in the Ekspres Menu that will meet all your needs. You can create PDF Menu, Detailed Menu, Visual Menu and QR Forwarding.


By clicking on "How to Use?", which you will see both on our website and in the admin panel of your Ekspres Menu account, you can reach the necessary details about the menu types and how to create them step by step.

And the "Orders" tab on the same panel offers the opportunity to track your orders live and view your past orders. You can filter all incoming orders according to the preparation stages or on a business basis.


With the satisfaction survey feature, you can learn the opinions of your customers and improve your work.


Moreover, thanks to the Ekspres Menu’s notification system, you have the chance to remind yourself to your customers who have used your menu. How? Let's say 1200 customers come to your cafe a week and 1000 of them view your digital menu. You can send notifications to them, just like in mobile applications, and inform them of all the opportunities and campaigns you want to advertise. If you have more than one menu in different languages, you can create separate notifications for each. In addition, by adding links to these notifications, you can also direct customers to your social media accounts and increase interactions.


Now, it’s time to keep up with the new world of digital QR code menus!

To have a free trial opportunity, visit Please contact us for all your questions and further information.

*Express Menu is available only for Türkiye.*

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