Bigoen's Software Projects: Rafflemix
Bigoen's Software Projects: Rafflemix
20 January 2023
Zeynep Aksoy

Bigoen's Software Projects: Rafflemix

Rafflemix is an Instagram giveaway tool developed by our software team. This tool, which is free up to 100 comments, functions in 10 different languages and also has an automatic follower control feature, gives you the opportunity to host a giveaway only with your post link and without any security concerns.

Thanks to the mobile compatible giveaway page that allows you to take a screen recording, you can easily share the videos and images of the screen where you created the giveaway and the results page where the winners are located. You can start the countdown by specifying the animation duration and you can set the announcement time of the winners as you wish. You can apply these processes to the same giveaway unlimitedly for 365 days.

Rafflemix has no expiration date in any of its packages. You can use Rafflemix whenever and however you want.

All you have to do is set your rules for the giveaway, create your Instagram post and your giveaway with your post link.


After then, when it comes to announcing the winners, you can add the link of the results page on your profile and share it publicly. Your followers can easily see the giveaway results.

More than 632,000 users from 100 different countries used Rafflemix to create over 5,000,000 Instagram giveaways. Visit our website for your free trial opportunity! You can contact us for further information.

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