Bigoen's Software Projects: Storywix
Bigoen's Software Projects: Storywix
17 February 2023
Zeynep Aksoy

Bigoen’s Software Projects: Storywix

Another tool developed by our software team, Storywix, allows you to integrate the story feature into your websites and mobile applications.

Storywix is available in 10 different language and we offer it for free up to 10,000 views. It can be integrated into any platform, website or mobile application type. And of course, it is compatible with all content management platforms (CMS) and iOS – Android operating systems.


By using Storywix, you can communicate with the visitors of your website or application at a higher quality and impressive level. It helps you to move your brand to a more visible and remarkable dimension. With the help of Storywix, you can even reduce your website's bounce rates. You can also generate more revenue by creating new customer expectations too.

When you open the story creation page of Strorywix, you will first encounter the widget section. At this point, we guarantee that Storywix will meet all your expectations and needs! You can create a standard story, a category view or group stories.

You can specify the gradient start color – gradient finish color, text and background color to be used in the widget’s design; you can choose the animation type that best suits your purpose among four different options and you can adjust the position and display format of the widget on your website, its size and how long it will be in use, as you wish.


And right after the widget creation phase, now it’s time to work on stories! When you switch to the story section, a panel will welcome you where you can write the content you want in the story. You can edit the position and alignment of your text here, and also choose the colors for your texts and story’s background.


You can also upload the image, gif or video you have specified for your story image and resize it.

By adding a link to your story, you can direct it to the website content you want to be reached when your visitors swipe up. And finally, in the targeting section, you can choose which device types and operating systems the widget will appear on.


In addition, Storywix will support your business with detailed reporting options too, so you can view your statistics down to the last detail.


You see, Storywix offers special experiences for your brand with all these listed features and its customizable structure. Now it will be easier than ever to promote and highlight your products, services or campaigns!

Please contact us for further information and don’t forget to visit our website for a free trial opportunity.

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