Dentbul Dental Clinic Success Story
Dentbul Dental Clinic Success Story
Samet Salık

Dentbul Dental Clinic Success Story

Since Dentbul’s team started working with us with the aim of increasing their development in the health tourism sector and brand awareness, they have been rapidly growing with great momentum. Now let's take a look at Dentbul's journey and see how you can achieve success by choosing Bigoen as your marketing partner!

Firstly, we created a website for Dentbul using react technology, aiming to increase user experience and receive more conversions through the site.

In addition, we integrated an "intelligent form", which is a Bigoen product, into this site. Through this form, which greatly simplifies both the business and patient processes, anyone seeking fee information, wishing to ask questions, or requesting a free treatment and travel plan can quickly access the information/service they are looking for. With the eight questions answered by patients in the free travel and treatment plan section, we contributed to Dentbul quickly creating the most suitable service framework for its patients. Thus, we focused on patient satisfaction and built a user-friendly structure that maximized the conversion rate on the clinic's website.

Right after the web design and optimization part, we also launched the most suitable Meta and Google Ads advertising processes that would meet Dentbul's needs. Of course, we achieved great success in this field too. The number of ad impressions exceeded 6 million, and the minimum cost per form was around 1,40 USD (26,97 TL). And the cost per click was around 0,40 USD (7.74 TL) on average.

The number of ad impressions over 6 million made Dentbul noticed by the target audience. Despite the minimum cost per form being approximately 1,40 USD (26,97 TL), a highly successful conversion rate was achieved from the advertising campaign.

Considering all these details, it is clear that every penny Dentbul spent on its advertising campaigns was used very efficiently. In addition, the number of visitors to their website and social media accounts increased and Dentbul reached many people who wanted to learn more about the treatments.

In this way, Dentbul's number of patients, visibility on digital platforms and brand awareness significantly increased. Thanks to the traffic brought by the ads, there was also a remarkable increase in the number of visitors to Dentbul's form filling pages. And over 3,000 form filling requests were received. There was also quite an increase in the number of people who wanted to make an appointment.

Dentbul's success story, which started with the improvements on the website and continued with Meta and Google Ads advertisements, is still continuing as it becomes one of the leading clinics in the field of dentistry. By combining its quality services with a digital marketing process managed by Bigoen’s experts, the clinic has succeeded in standing out from its competitors and has become more preferred by its target audience.

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