E-commerce Smart Campaigns Success Story
E-commerce Smart Campaigns Success Story
22 September 2022

What is Google Ads Smart Shopping Campaign?

Google Ads continues to surprise new campaign types. The Smart Shopping campaign is one of them. If you have search campaigns in your account that run for a long time and have a well-structured conversion structure, Google Ads Smart Shopping is the perfect fit for you. This new campaign type predicts user shopping behavior using historical data and shows your ads to users who can get maximum performance.

Example Application

The Ecg Spor brand is an account with long-running shopping and search campaigns. So we decided to try this new product of Google for the ads of this company. Our results are quite surprising. ROI performance has increased by 84% while the cost incurred for a conversion has decreased by 46%.

Overall ROI increase: 84%
Cost/Conversion -46%

Google Ads Smart Shopping Requirements

In order to use this high-performance campaign type and to make it work correctly, you need to meet some requirements. We have listed them below for you.

  • You must have a Google Ads account
  • You must have a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Must have a product feed uploaded and approved to your Merchant Center account
  • Your website must have a conversion tracking tag installed.
  • You need to track transaction-specific conversion values.
  • You must have a remarketing global site tag on your website
  • You must have tagged your site for dynamic remarketing
  • You must have at least 20 conversions in the last 45 days for existing Shopping campaigns
  • You must have an audience list of at least 100 people

Google Ads Smart Shopping Tips

If you have set up your campaign but still cannot achieve good results, we share a few practices you can do below.

  • If you decide to start by testing part of your product feed, be sure to leave the rest of your campaigns running.
  • Make sure you give your Smart Shopping campaigns at least 15-20 days to take action. Learning takes time, even for machines.
  • If you're not meeting your conversion goals, try changing your bidding approach. Target ROAS is a good option to try if all of your products have similar margins. Alternatively, if you have products with different ROAS targets, you can try breaking them into separate campaigns.
  • Reduce your target ROAS for fast learning and fast conversion boost .
  • Optimize your campaigns by optimizing images, titles and descriptions in your product feed.

As you can see in the report of Ecg Spor, the Google Ads Smart Shopping campaign can evaluate millions of different combinations of information at the same time and show your ads to the right user in the right area, using machine learning. Of course, up to this stage, the correct installation and access to the right data is your responsibility for now.

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