Furniture Industry Success Story
Furniture Industry Success Story
15 September 2022

Furniture retail and trade, which is an important part of the global economy; worldwide  employs a large number of people. Our business partner, which has just started its activities in the furniture sector  has entrusted its online existence to us.

For our new business partner in the industry, our priority is the brand  to create awareness and awareness, and to increase our sales on e-commerce sites  was to speed it up. A great acceleration  It would not be wrong to say that we have won.

We've generated thousands of sales on our fresh e-commerce site just by getting 4,555 visits to our e-commerce site initially.

As a result of many search engine campaigns we created for our fresh e-commerce site, our site traffic from advertisements was traded at a rate of 87.2%.

So where are we among our competitors? We would like to show you this;

With the successful strategies, successful forecasts, and successful campaigns we have implemented for many years  Among our competitors in the sector, our business partner is the most visited and Google 

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